According the Morning Call, the Pottsvile PA brewery known as Yuengling has now become the largest U.S. owned brewery, ahead of Boston Beer. Yuengling is also the oldest brewery in America, has expanded into Ohio with it’s operation and can now boast about it’s top position.

Yuengling was started by a German immigrant who wanted to cool the thirst of the Pennsylvania coal miners with a tasty beer. It began in 1829 and has made a slow and steady rise to the top.

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2 thoughts on “Article – Yuengling now Largest U.S. Brewery

  1. For those of not lucky enough to live where this beer is sold, a Minnesota native has introduced Founding Father’s. I personally have not had Yuengling, but I have had Founding Father’s, it is pretty good beer and supposedly one of the closest things you can find to Yuengling West of Ohio.

  2. I have tried both and I must admit the Founding Father’s is a pretty good beer. The cool part is they give 50% of their proceeds to veterans and their families.

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